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CELLGEVITY - is a dietary supplement with active Riboceine and 12 other synergistic ingredient which is a breakthrough technology in Medical Science and our most advanced formula product.

it's primary function is to enhance the production of Glutathione intercellularly in the body.

Glutathione does lots of this in the cells, it detoxify the cell, it strengthens the immune system, it improves the quality of sleep, reduces muscles and joints discomfort, enhances mental focus and clarity, enhances sexual health, reduces cellular inflammation and oxidative stress which are the root cause of all known medical conditions. Cellgevity serves as the foundation for good health.

Recommended dosage is to have a three months challenge of two capsules twice daily I.e two in the morning and two in the evening preferably before food.

A month dosage will cost u #28,000 and within the 3 months challenge you will notice a remarkable difference...

 MaxATP is Performance on Demand  Mix one sachet of ATP with a small glass of water and drink. In just 15 minutes, here is what most will notice

✔Energy & Alertness
✔Sharp Mental Focus
✔Reduced Aches & Pains / Reduced Headache
✔Increased Physical Stamina & Strength
✔Fast Recovery from Exercise
✔Enhanced Sexual Performance

Whether for the Gym, Classroom, Boardroom, or Bedroom, give ATP a try and you will love what you feel! 😊😊

A pack is #15,000

 NFUSE  is a multivitamin that give the body the daily nutrients requirements.

Pack of 15 sachets goes for #15,000 .

 Max One. Max one is another great product in our collect just like cellgevity. Although cellgevity is an advance formula of Max one.

Max one only contain Riboceine technology which is active ingredients is Max products on like cellgevity with 12 other powerful glutathione boosting ingredients.

We most time recommend Max one for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and kidney patients because some of them might be allergic to the 12 other ingredients in cellgevity which is very rare.

Max one is in a bottle containing 60 capsules each, a month dosage and that goes for #25,000 .

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